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It’s been a whirlwind year for the team at Re Source Partners – we look back on the past year.

Disclaimer: Team gathering before heightened alert announcement.

From starting operations in the midst of a pandemic to having to adapt to new remote workplace arrangements and numerous lockdowns, Re Source Partners have proven that their dream team can overcome all odds. They share their biggest challenges, memorable company milestones and plans for the future.

The founders, on being their own bosses

“I knew that I needed to be really hands-on but what caught me off guard was the access to resources. Coming from an MNC background, these were always available but for a start-up, we had to set everything up on our own and that was a really steep learning curve for me.” — Kristin Bok, Director & Co-founder

“I had to unlearn and relearn, re-format, and accept new challenges. I knew we were starting from scratch but I never knew there were many ‘unseen’ tasks that needed to be done to keep a company going.” — Shay Li, Director & Co-founder

On starting a business at the height of the pandemic

“Many clients and contacts thought of us as courageous and entrepreneurial for starting a new company at this time. While I am one of the most optimistic people around, to be honest, there were also times I had to lean on my team to help keep me going. There is no best time to start a business, but there is careful planning, logical thinking, risk assessment and strategic planning. If everyone is aligned, then it’s a good time to start and don’t look back!” — Shay

On working remotely

“As a young team, it was challenging to function remotely as most of our work requires a lot of internal discussions. I miss the times we could just pop a question to a colleague sitting across from you. We’ve been working together for a year but there was only one occasion where we had everyone together in person.” — Kristin

On their team’s growth

“I’ve previously worked with Elaine and Debra. Here, I’ve seen them step out of their comfort zone to deliver beyond expectations and they’ve grown so much professionally since joining us. Kelvin is new to the team but he has contributed significantly in his short time here. I can’t thank everyone enough for their support and for trusting us in this adventure.” — Kristin

“Instead of the conventional employeremployee relationship, I see everyone as an integral part of RP. I strongly believe that there’s plenty more we can share and learn from each other. Our company’s success is the sum of everyone’s individual and team successes.” — Shay

The staff’s favourite RP moments

“The RP cook-off was memorable for me. It was the company’s first online event since the continuous lockdowns. We got together for a virtual pasta cook-off before having team lunch where we just caught up with what’s going on with everyone.” — Elaine Mun, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

“I really enjoy our team bonding moments especially since we don’t see each other in person that often.” — Kelvin Liew, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Key learning points and best advice from the founders

“I’m still new but I’ve learned how to have better time and candidate management, and be more career driven. Best advice from Shay and Kristin would be to pace myself for bigger success.” — Kelvin

“My time with RP has taught me to challenge myself and to take on more responsibilities and tasks. It has given me newfound knowledge, exposure and deeper understanding of recruitment and marketing functions while giving me the ‘freedom’ to explore ideas and try new things. Best advice from the bosses? It’s okay to make mistakes but learn from them!” — Debra Lee, Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Most thankful for

“We have been blessed since we started the business. We managed to deliver two major recruitment projects and in return received appreciative feedback from our clients. We have a couple of clients who work with us quite extensively and have been very supportive.” — Kristin

“The work-life balance that RP has.” — Elaine

“The company culture that we have.” — Debra

Their plans for the future

“We want to double our headcount in support and recruitment consultant roles so that we can better serve our clients. We also recently collaborated with 9 Yards Analytics to integrate a new AI assessment tool and we hope that this will be successful and meaningful for our candidates and clients. I also hope we can actively contribute to the community by pledging to some social causes.” — Kristin

“Onwards and upwards! We hope to be a brand that can resonate professionalism resoundingly. We are also on the lookout for the right talents to join the RP family, and build on our foundation and culture!” — Shay

We asked the close knit team who’s who in the company and here’s what they had to say about each other!

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Kristin Bok, Director & Co-founderShay Li, Director & Co-founderDebra Lee, Talent Acquisition CoordinatorElaine Mun, Senior Talent Acquisition ConsultantKelvin Liew, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant
Known in the team as:

“The one who always asks the team for a discussion”

“The multitasker”

“The father figure in the office”

“The perfectionist”
Known in the team as:

“The cheerleader with words of encouragement”

“The mother figure in the office”

“The most level headed”  
Known in the team as:

“The one with the crazy and out-of-this-world ideas”

“The one who loves to buy snacks for everyone”
Known in the team as:

“The one who helps the team decide what’s for lunch”
Known in the team as:

“The comedian always with a joke or two”

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